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Here are some video and audio highlights with inspiring content that marked Focus Dance 2023 as part of the Dance Biennale.

In partnership with l'Institut français, la Biennale de la danse and hosted by Les Subs.

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Interview by Milica Ilic with Silvia Bottiroli, Angela Conquet and Jumana Al Yasiri

Following the round table “Dream of a generous solidarity shelter: Rethinking transnational collaboration in a changing world” and the series of workshops on cooperation on September 21 and 22, 2023, for which extracts and video interviews are available below, Milica Ilic, moderator of the round table, had a discussion with the three moderators about the highlights of their workshops: 
     • Silvia Bottiroli, independent researcher and curator, for the workshop “Collaboration in context”; 
     • Angela Conquet, freelance curator and researcher, for the workshop “Collaborate in Solidarity and Care”; 
     • Jumana Al Yasiri, consultant, author and translator, for the workshop “Collaborate… with whom?".

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Excerpts of the round table "Dream of a Generous Solidarity Shelter: Rethinking transnational collaboration in a changing world"

In English with English subtitles
Video excerpt/introduction by Milica Ilic
This video excerpt comes from the introduction to the round table facilitated by Milica Ilic.
In her introduction, Milica Ilic points out a paradox: if cooperation is well established in the performing arts sector, the ecosystem needs more fairness and solidarity. She questions the possibilities of making our collaborative practices more respectful and supportive. To face the radical changes in our society, Milica Ilic invites us to mobilize imagination as a transformative power and propose new alliances that will help forge more equitable relationships.

In English with English subtitles
Video excerpt/contribution from Qudus Onikedu
In this keynote speech, in the form of a manifesto, Qudus Onikedu refers to the space taking shape with his Afropolis project. With a unique flow that calls for transformative utopias, Qudus Onikedu invites us to take action to imagine rooms that are radically more united, more open, and more inclusive. Spaces where the disorder, the invisible, the ancestors, the fury, and everyone (everyone relieved of their functions) would then have their place.

Three interviews/questions about cooperation

We interviewed the three moderators of the workshops on cooperation, which took place as part of Focus Dance 2023.
Each workshop is inspired by the round table “Dream of a Generous Solidarity Shelter. Rethinking transnational collaboration in a changing world”
In these short interviews, Silvia Bottiroli, Angela Conquet, and Jumana Al Yasiri share the questions they put to work with the participants during the three workshops they facilitated in parallel. Each proposed to reflect and imagine possible ways to build more fair and equitable collaborative practices through different prisms.

In English with English subtitles
Interview with Silvia Bottiroli (independent researcher and curator) for the workshop “Collaborate in context.”
Silvia Bottiroli suggested to the participants of this workshop, who came from all continents, to unfold the terms “practice” and “context” - an invitation to deconstruct practices that could consolidate power relations, to share more horizontal ways of working and to understand the importance of understanding the context in collaborations.

In English with English subtitles
Interview with Angela Conquet (freelance curator and researcher) for the workshop “Collaborate in Solidarity and Care”
Angela Conquet invited the participants of this workshop to explore the ethics of care. This interview allows feedback on the definitions of care as an “intention” and as an “attention” and to hear the notions and keywords that went through this workshop.

In English with English subtitles
Interview with Jumana Al Yasiri (consultant, author, translator) for the workshop “Collaborate… with whom?”
Jumana Al Yasiri invited the participants of this workshop to think about exclusion and inclusion. The group shared collaboration practices and initiatives to make our collaborations more accessible, inclusive, and diverse.


Podcast in French
Podcast/interview with choreographer, dancer and researcher Nach
In this interview, Nach, who presented her piece “Un endroit partout” (A place everywhere) at the Dance Biennale 2023, looks back on her journey. The interview is an opportunity to unfold the encounters and references that cross her artistic practice and inspirations. Nach also shares what cooperation represents: an organicity of alliances and allies.

Podcast en français

Chantal Loïal, chorégraphe, interprète et directrice artistique de la compagnie Difé Kako et du festival Mois Kréyol
Interview par Marie-Pia Bureau, directrice de l’Onda

Dans cet épisode, Chantal Loïal revient sur son parcours et son engagement en tant qu’artiste et directrice artistique du festival Mois Kréyol pour promouvoir toutes les cultures créoles. Elle souligne l’importance de la coopération et des alliances, qui se manifestent à travers le vaste réseau de partenaires de ce festival.