General principle

Onda partakes in the cost of hosting a production insofar as hosting this production represents a risk on the part of the venue.

Financial support is awarded mainly to multidisciplinary venues. To receive support, the venues must be recognised by the public authorities and maintain a partnership relationship with Onda. Each application is studied to assess the financial risk incurred with regard to the artistic risk being taken, accounting for factors such as missions, budget, the venue’s cultural project and the territory. Onda gives priority to shows that strengthen the overall coherence of the season. Except in the case of specific support frameworks, co-producer venues are not eligible for touring support from Onda for shows they have co-produced.

The shows must be disseminated in professional conditions (contractual agreement or salaried status) outside of the region in which the artistic team is based.

Onda’s support is not a subsidy. There are no “Onda certified” productions for which a touring structure can automatically request support. Similarly, Onda’s support does not concern the overall activity of a venue.



Onda’s financial participation is of three kinds:
– to provide a financial guarantee to partially offset the deficit incurred by a venue when hosting a production. The amount of the guarantee is calculated on the basis of specific scales;
– to cover travel expenses: i.e. the shipping of equipment and/or travel by individuals;
– to cover other types of expense (surtitling and so on).

These various kinds of participation may take place within schemes designed to respond to identified issues, trends or changes of practice in the field. Onda is currently working on boosting performance numbers, reinforcing the presence of an artist or an author in a single venue or on developing cooperation between several venues to host the same show.