Promoting cooperation between operators

Touring within a territory
Multi-venue tours within a local territory – territorial cooperation
A tour within a territory takes place on the initiative of a host structure that organises a tour within its local geographical area. This tour must include at least three venues, over a minimum and consistent time period. The financial aid provided by Onda concerns all transport and travel expenses for the visiting team. The aid is granted to the venue coordinating the tour, which then distributes it equally among the host venues.

Charter for artistic dissemination
National visibility for regional companies – interregional cooperation
The purpose of the Charter for artistic dissemination is to promote the circulation of companies from Aquitaine, Brittany, Centre, Normandy, Languedoc-Roussillon and the Ile-de-France outside their regions. Through this system of interregional cooperation, Arcadi Île-de-France, OARA Aquitaine, ODIA Normandie, Réseau en scène Languedoc-Roussillon, Spectacle vivant en Bretagne and Onda are uniting their efforts, expertise and networking skills, as well as their financial means, to support performing arts dissemination, concentrating on a number of collectively selected productions.
In addition to the financial guarantee systematically provided by Onda, each agency from the artistic team’s home region contributes to travel expenses.

Foreign productions |Tours
Onda’s financial support for international productions concerns the visiting team’s transport and international travel expenses. The tour is organised on the initiative of a venue and must include a minimum of three venues over a consistent time period.
The aid is granted to the venue coordinating the tour, which then distributes it equally among the host venues.

Foreign productions |Surtitles
In the case of a venue hosting an international production on its own, Onda may provide financial support to have French surtitles made (or a translation done) insofar as the production is being performed in France for the first time and that hosting it may subsequently lead to a tour.
The company agrees to make the text of the surtitles available at no cost to other venues.

Programmer mobility
Onda can allocate grants to some programmers to cover travel and/or accommodation expenses during the international scouting trips organised by Onda abroad.