Extending production runs in venues

Multidisciplinary dissemination network | Music
The Music Agreement is designed to support a multidisciplinary dissemination venue that, over a calendar year, hosts three concerts by a musical ensemble in different programmes or several ensembles around a theme or a composer.

Multidisciplinary dissemination network | Dance
The Choreographic Repertoire Agreement is designed to broaden the dissemination of choreographic productions in venues with multidisciplinary programmes. The venue agrees to host a choreographic artist in different programmes at least twice in the course of a season.

Specialised dissemination networks | Danse
Onda supports National Choreographic Centres (CCN) and Choreographic Development Centres (CDC) that disseminate productions by independent teams who have benefited from a studio residence in a CCN or a co-production in a CDC. This reinforced support aims to improve the dissemination of choreographic works and to support networks in France specialised in the dissemination of dance.

Specialised dissemination networks | Music
Alongside France Festivals, the French Institute, SACEM and SACD, Onda is a partner of the La Ffabrique Nomade scheme to foster the immediate uptake of works commissioned from composers by festivals in the France Festivals network.
Onda will provide financial support provided four members of the network pre-purchase the show, (including for the production phase)

Multidisciplinary dissemination network | First presentations for co-producers.
The first presentation of a work to the public is a particularly fragile moment. Onda gives special attention to venues that make a particular effort to support the first performances of a show they have produced or co-produced.
This support by the venue could take the form of giving a production a significant number of performances, or, if required, additional rehearsal time before further public performances.