Onda meetings

2017-2018 / Brussels / Belgium /

Meet the makers / Salons d’artistes, en exil

from 01/05/2018 to 31/05/2018

Kunstenfestivaldesarts, Brussels

The Salons d’artistes (Ice-breakers) give artists an opportunity to showcase their artistic practices and their projects through short oral presentations, videos and in discussion with professionals.

This meeting, dedicated to projects created by refugee artists, is part of the actions led by Onda to support the integration of refugee artists into the programming network.

An opportunity to exchange ideas with contemporary artists whose exciting and engaging work has not yet integrated international stages. In an informal setting, each will present his or her interests, current projects and future plans.
Muddar Al Haggi – theatre (Syria/Germany)
Wael Ali – theatre (Syria/France)
Wael Alkak – music (Syria/France)
Yazan Iwidat  – dance (Palestine/Belgium)
Wael Kadour – theatre (Syria/France)
Kubra Khademi – performance art (Afghanistan/France)
Enkidu Khaled – theatre (Iraq/Belgium),
Mey Sefan – dance (Syria/Germany)
Wihad Sulaiman – theatre (Syria/Germany)
Reserved for performing arts professionals.