Onda meetings

2017-2018 / Budapest / Hungary /

Destination Budapest

from 29/11/2017 to 02/12/2017

Around the world, performing arts and cultural professionals are thinking innovatively and reinventing their modes of operation.

The Destinations are projects specifically designed in collaboration with local partners to provide for a contextualised discovery of a cultural landscape, a city or a region, the artists who create there and local programmers.

A trip organised in the context of Dunapart, in partnership with Trafo House of Contemporary Arts.

meetings with professionnals of the Hungarian artistic scene and visits of organisations with an innovative approach of their projects) – pending

productions to see
The Station, Ferenc Fehér / dance
Imitation of Life, Kornél Mundruczó / drama
Long Live Regina, Edit Romankovics / drama
Parental Ctrl, Ferenc Sinkó / drama
Dark Horse, Zoltán Nagy / dance
Solos, Adrienn Hód / dance
Chekov, Tamás Ördög / drama
Hungarian Acacia, Kristóf Kelemen & Bence György Pálinkás / drama
Between the World and Me, Valencia James / dance
Waiting for Schrödinger, László Fülöp / dance
Eclipse, Csaba Molnár
Tomfairy, Péter Kárpáti / drama
Kálmán Day, Szabolcs Hadju / drama
Tropical Escape, Csaba Molnár & Márcio Kerber Canabarro / dance
Drip Canon, Gábor Goda / dance
fightinGravity, Freak Fusion / circus

Please note that some shows will be performed simultanuously 
English surtitles provided when needed

For programmers.