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Inaugurated in 2007, L’Encyclopédie de la Parole is an artistic project that explores all aspects of vocal production, including cadence, choral work, emphasis or melody. These characteristics are collected and inventoried by a group of artists led by Joris Lacoste, forming a repertoire from which sound pieces, shows, performances or installations are produced.Parlement (2009) thus sought to vocally reproduce a partition made up of one hundred recordings of speeches. Suite No. 1, the first in a cycle of choral Suites, amplifies the scope of the challenge: under the direction of a conductor, a multilingual choir of eleven performers and eleven guests goes through highly varied speech situations – a TV game show, a conversation between friends or the babbling of children – exploring multiple registers, styles and languages to produce a poetic and vibrant monument to the expressive power of the spoken word.Suite No. 1, premiered during the 2013 Kunstenfestivaldesarts, will feature, along with Parlement, on the programme of the 2013 Paris Autumn Festival.

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june 2019 – july 2019, france, switzerland (bretagne, provence alpes cote d'azur)
january 2017, france (normandie)
june 2015, switzerland
december 2014, france (auvergne rhone alpes)
may 2014, france (occitanie)
october 2013, france (ile de france)
february 2013, france (pays de la loire)
august 2012, france (auvergne rhone alpes)
march 2012 – april 2012, france (auvergne rhone alpes, grand est)
december 2011, france (hauts de france)
september 2011, france (provence alpes cote d'azur)
april 2011 – june 2011, france (bretagne, normandie, nouvelle aquitaine, pays de la loire)
february 2011, france (ile de france)
june 2010, france (nouvelle aquitaine)
march 2010, france (bourgogne franche comte)


echelle 1:1