Onda meetings

2019-2020 (first half-season) meeting schedule

The network run by Onda revolves around several forms of meeting, intended for programmers and artists working in France and abroad.

Rida – Rencontres interrégionales de diffusion artistique (Inter-regional meeting on artistic dissemination)

By forming a cross-territory network linking structures from the smallest to the most prestigious, the multidisciplinary to the specialised and permanent venues to festivals, the Rida events enable Onda to conduct its primary mission of supporting the dissemination of contemporary artistic works.

As spaces of listening and exchange, the Rida fulfils three primary functions: the exchange of artistic information (productions seen or to be seen), cooperation and reflection. Rida foster the emergence of new networks or strengthen existing networks in their efforts to implement joint actions such as organising tours or co-producing projects.

The Rida can be multidisciplinary or specialised on a theme, depending on current events and professional needs, or on an artistic field (dance, music, circus), or cross-disciplinary (young audiences, international, new stage writing, performance, contemporary writings, and so on).

Onda seeks to regularly invite foreign professionals to its meetings in order to present the richness of the French dissemination network to them, encourage regular professional contact between French and foreign programmers, and to give everyone the opportunity to discover artists who are still little known.



Around the world, performing arts and cultural professionals are thinking innovatively and reinventing their modes of operation.

The Destinations are projects specifically designed in collaboration with local partners to provide for a contextualised discovery of a cultural landscape, a city or a region, the artists who create there and local programmers.


Faire autrement (Doing things differently)

Initiated in 2017, Faire autrement is an immersive format that follows in the continuity of the Destinations. The aim is to go out into the field to discover projects off the beaten track.

Doing things differently is not just about “going to see”, but also about experimenting on site and taking part over a few days in an event developing a project that is unique in its implementation or its content. It’s about immersion and participation through reflection and action.


Salons d’artistes (Ice-breakers) and Pow wows

Onda regularly organises events inviting artists to present their work to programmers.

The Ice-breakers (Salons d’artistes) give artists an opportunity to showcase their artistic practices and their projects through short oral presentations, videos and in discussion with professionals. These Ice-breakers are held regularly at major festivals or professional events (international platforms in America or Asia, Focus events organised in conjunction with the French Institute, etc.)

Since 2009, Onda has been organising Pow wows, meetings specially dedicated to facilitating the integration of young teams of artists in touring networks.

The Pow wows are designed while keeping mind in the fact that artists in the early stages of their careers need help making contacts. The format of these meetings has evolved over the seasons. The specific quality of the Pow-wows is that they are articulated around artist-programmer match-ups and function on the principle of mentorship.

Starting in 2017, Onda chose to take a different approach to its presence at major international events. From 2018, the Ice-breaker will become a Pow wow – Europe, that is to say a delegation of European artists and programmers providing a multidirectional approach. As such the delegations attending these international artists’ events will include European production offices and programmers.



Designed to showcase the vitality and diversity of French artistic creation, the Focus meetings offer foreign professionals an opportunity to discover a selection of shows over the course of a few days and to meet with French artists as well as programmers from all around the world.

Onda is regularly associated with the Focus meetings, co-organised with the French Institute and other French partners.