European networks

Through its daily work of scouting, its programme of meetings and its financial support, Onda is actively involved in the development of artistic exchanges in Europe and encourages international exchanges.

Onda is also an active member of specific networks and cooperation projects.


European Networks

Onda is strongly involved in major European networks.

It is a founding and active member of the IETM, currently the largest European network for performing arts.

Onda hosts the Roberto Cimetta Fund, an international association promoting artistic exchanges and the mobility of professionals in the Mediterranean area in the field of performing arts and contemporary visual arts.

It is a member of Culture Action Europe.



For a European cooperation platform

Onda works regularly with European bodies supporting artistic dissemination, which, like Onda, develop national and international missions and thus provide a specific perspective on the performing arts sector.

The purpose of these collaborations is to define projects to support European artistic cooperation that take into account the transnational nature of live performances and to address the imbalances in mobility that exist within the European Union.

From 2008 to 2015, this branch of its activity was formalised through Space – Supporting Performing Arts Circulation in Europe, in which the following were partners: Adam Mickiewicz Institute (Warsaw), British Council (London), MIBAC (Rome), Onda (Paris), Umení – Divadelní Ústav, Arts and Theater Institute (Prague), Vti Vlaams Theater Instituut (Brussels), ITI (Berlin), and Pro Helvetia (Zurich).

Space was supported by the European Union’s Culture Programme (2009-2012).

Since 2015, this reflection has continued with SHAPE – SHAre, Practice, Experiment, in collaboration with ACT Association (Bulgaria), AltArt Foundation for Alternative Art (Romania), Balkan Express (Slovenia), British Council (United Kingdom) Centre for Culture (East European Performing Arts Platform) (Poland), Flanders Arts Institute (Belgium), Arts and Theatre Institute (Czech Republic), Pogon-Zagreb Center for Independent Culture and Youth (Croatia) and Pro Helvetia (Switzerland).