Pascale Henrot

Bernard Borghino

Clarisse Dupouy-Greteau
executive assistant

Clémentine Roger-Mazas administration

Lara Ohana
administrative assistant receptionist

Adrien Chiquet

Marion Colléter

Milica Ilic

Jean-Paul Perez

Régis Plaud

Sandrine Weishaar

Gaëlle Petit
advisers’ assistant

Anne Darey
professional meetings

Katie Watts
international activities

Catherine Barthélemy

Sarah Moha

Eric Seigneur

Any member of team can be contacted using this email format:

Artistic teams, please take note
When contacting Onda for the first time, please use the address, stating the artistic field of your project in the message subject and attaching any useful information: e.g., tour dates and portfolio.

Onda – Office national de diffusion artistique
13 bis rue Henry Monnier, 75009 Paris – France
tel. : 33 (0)1 42 80 28 22

Onda is an association funded by the Ministry of Culture and Communication (General Direction of Artistic Creation / Subdirection of European and International Affairs)


Executive board

Elected members : Bernard Latarjet, president
Jean-Paul Angot, Abraham Bengio, Pascal Brunet, Laurent Brunner, Nicole Martin, Caroline Sonrier, Hilde Teuchies

Full members (Ministry of Culture and Communication) : Régine Hatchondo, DGCA, Bertrand Munin, DGCA, Alban De Nervaux, Secrétariat général – SDAEI, Jean-Paul Ollivier, DRAC


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Graphic design : Général Design / Pentagon
Website development : Jérôme Montagne / Quentin Thiaucourt
French-English translations : Garry White / Onda
Pictures (team portraits) : Mathilde Delahaye
Pictures (série Prologue, website wallpaper) : Pierre Hybre. Onda regularly commissions pictures to artists inviting them to give their views on performing arts. To discover as our website wallpaper.With special thanks to : Nadia Beugré, Amala Dianor, Groupe Bekkrell, Milo Rau, Tricollectif, Élise Vigneron, l’Arsenic – Lausanne, Centquatre – Paris, Espace 600 – Grenoble, La Générale – Paris, Pole Sud – Strasbourg, Théâtre de Lorient.